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How to Choose Which Paper Cups Are Right for Your Business

If you were to ask us which question we are most likely to receive from a potential customer, the following would be near the top: ‘Which paper cups are the most suitable for my business?’

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of getting all decisions – no matter how big or small – right. This extends to the paper cups you use. Yet when you see the likes of single wall, double wall, and ripple cups available, confusion can quickly push its way to the forefront.

To help with wiping away this confusion, below we have covered the key points to consider when choosing the right paper cup type for your company.

Think about your business needs

Before getting too far ahead of yourself, it is important you first start by reflecting on your business and its paper cup needs. What type of company do you operate? For instance, a takeaway business could have different paper cup requirements than a restaurant business.

One way of deciding this is by understanding the differences between the types of cups available. These are:

  • Single wall cups: Only one card layer is used with single wall cups – hence the name. While this makes them eco-friendly and more affordable due to fewer resources and materials being needed, they are less insulated than other choices. This means, unless they are paired with cup sleeves, they are not suitable as paper coffee cups.
  • Double/triple wall cups: If you are serving hot beverages, a suitable route is with double wall coffee cups. With two card layers, these cups provide extra insulation that helps prevent potential burns. This can also be stepped up to another level with triple wall cups. However, these cups do come at a cost – literally. They are more expensive than their single wall counterparts.
  • Ripple cups: Along with supplying optimum insulation, ripple cups are designed to incorporate extra grip. Again, these positive properties do bump up the price

The good news is that our Envior paper cups come in all these variations, so you get options for your convenience. 


In the current climate, a focus on sustainability has never been more important for businesses. Not only is it necessary in terms of helping the planet, but it also shines a positive light on your company when others see your push to go green. 100% recyclable cups can go a long way to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. With cups that are fully recyclable, you are comfortable in the knowledge of using a product that isn’t going to have a negative impact on global warming.

Getting the branding right

Can you use plain paper cups? Yes. However, branded paper cups are much more advantageous for companies. Think about it. When you have your logo printed onto a cup, it supplies added visibility to your brand. The more people see your branded cup out in public, the more they will trust you serve tasty beverages – and the more they will want one for themselves.

Get in touch and see how we can help you be greener with your takeaway food packaging. Request a catalogue or further info on 0121 289 4295 or alternatively email [email protected].

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