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How to recycle Vegware

If you are trying to make your home more eco-friendly, then you may be thinking about investing in Vegware and removing products from the waste stream.

Becoming increasingly popular in households up and down the county, Vegware is a plant-based compostable foodservice packaging brand that is known for its high quality and sustainable products.

But can you recycle Vegware and if yes, how do you go about it?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about vegware and how to recycle vegware products.

What is Vegware?

To the uninitiated, vegware is a brand that seeks to offer an alternative to conventional plastics. Manufacturing compostable products that are designed to cut down on general waste and reduce the use of single use plastics, vegware products are made from plants using renewable, low carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials.

They are also made to be commercially compostable with food waste, where accepted.

What are the benefits of vegware?

If you would like to reduce your household use of conventional plastic and lessen the burden on local waste collection, then vegware is a good choice for you.

Home compostable products such as vegware offer a practical solution for single-use food-contaminated disposables and can help you to achieve your sustainability goals.  

How can I recycle vegware products?

As mentioned above, vegware can be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. Look out for bin signage and posters designed by the brand which show which bin to put your waste in.

It is worth noting that compostable disposables are designed to be recycled in an industrial composting facility alongside food waste. This means that you do not need to sort out your different vegware products such as your compostable tableware and compostable storage containers or separate any food waste before recycling them.

In certain areas, trade collections for vegware products are available from the waste sector but as compostable packaging is relatively new compared to plastics recycling, this is not yet widespread.   

If you area does not have the correct facilities where you can recycle your vegware products, then these should be placed in your general waste bin, not in your recycling or food waste bin as anaerobic digestion is not suitable for all packaging.

Furthermore, if you place your vegware products in the wrong bin, this can cause contamination.

If in doubt about what you should be doing with your vegware products, it is always a good idea to contact your local council and ask for their advice or here you can access suitable facilities.   

Vegware uses fallen palm leaves to create compostable tableware which can withstand oily, wet, and hot foods! The products are made from palm leaves, meaning it’s entirely made of plants.

How does composting work?

Composting is a form of recycling that typically involves some form of a compost bin. It involves turning your waste into useful resources and helps to reduce your environmental impact.

Compost is used in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping to feed the soil and improve its overall structure which enables the growth of healthy and fruitful plants.

Specifically relating to vegware products, these typically take 12 weeks to biodegrade, and they are 100% compostable.

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Vegware Soup Container 12oz

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