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Simple Ways To A Greener Future

Envior are eager to provide you with simple ways to a greener future with your food packaging.

1.Choose Food Packaging that can be Recycled

We know that food packaging in general is responsible for a very large percentage of waste across the world and we also know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Switch to environmentally friendly alternatives today to begin making a difference.  Food wrappers, cups and lids, plastic straws and stirrers are available as recyclable products from us here at Envior.

2. Use Bagasse Instead of Polystyrene

The process of manufacturing polystyrene is toxic to the environment and the product itself is slow to degrade.

Bagasse is a mindful alternative.  Its biodegradable, and compostable and is currently seen as the most environmentally friendly material used in the food industry.  We have a whole separate post on what Bagasse is and where it comes from which you can read here.  We also have a wide range of bagasse products you can buy today including plates, cups and hot as well as cold food containers.

Why not show your commitment to compostable alternatives to polystyrene by joining our Ditch the Polystyrene Club?  This is a venture founded by Envior to help raise awareness of the better, greener, affordable options available to you.  Our aim is to build appreciation of how good it feels to be helping to sort the world’s waste problems rather than adding to them.

3. Dispose of Waste Mindfully

It is important to use food packaging products that can be recycled.   Take even more responsibility by taking the time and trouble to recycle effectively.  Offer your customers the opportunity to get on board with the initiative by providing appropriate sorting bins for waste food packaging.

Providing incentives and opportunities for you to be greener is the right thing for us to do as is, helping you to do the same for your customers. Embracing sustainability is good for the environment and becoming increasingly important to a growing number of consumers who want to see a demonstration of sustainability in action from a business before deciding to buy.

4. Be aware of the concerns of your customers

Consumers of takeaway food are becoming increasing concerned about its impact on the environment especially when it comes to plastic.  For instance, single-use cutlery has been identified by the Ocean Conservatory as one of the deadliest items threating ocean life.  If you only do one thing today switch to recyclable alternative here.

Why not let us do an audit of your business to identify how you can lower levels of waste and start decreasing the use of unnecessary wrappings and your carbon footprint!

We think you will find that many of your customers want to reduce their environmental impact and will respect businesses who want to do the right thing.  Choosing good recycling food packaging solutions is the right thing to do and will tap into that desire and help to improve the customer’s experience of your business.

5. What is the Government Doing?

The government is committed to creating a more circular economy.  They pledge to transform our waste systems in the coming years with a view to moving us closer to a world where products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled.  Single use plastic straws, stirrers for instance are now banned and the plastic tax was introduced in April of this year to ‘penalise’ companies if they produce or import packaging which does not contain at least 30% recycled content. The Government continues to reaffirm its commitment to reducing the use of single use plastics but they are not yet banned in the UK.  However, you can take a decision not to use these today by switching to recyclable alternatives with Envior.

With just a few small changes, you can make a big difference for the planet.

Make the change now!

Get in touch and see how we can help you be greener with your takeaway food packaging. Request a catalogue or further info on 0121 289 4295 or alternatively email [email protected].

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