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What Containers Keep Food Hot?

It’s obvious that summer is over, and we’re now heading into autumn and winter. As such hot food and comfort eating become the order of the day, so you will want containers that keep your food as hot as possible for as long as possible for your customers.

But which ones will be the most suitable for you?

Make Sure Your Container Is Sturdy

Firstly, your containers should be leak proof and have great heat retention. Both of these properties will allow your customers to carry their food away from your business comfortably. It doesn’t matter if you are supplying lunch boxes or a crepe packet; if the packaging doesn’t hold heat, then your customers may struggle to carry their food without extra protection, and when they get to their destination, it will be unpleasantly cold. If it leaks, they are unlikely to try and get food from your business again, and you may even get a dry-cleaning bill. The type (size, style, etc.) you get will depend on the kind of food you serve. It helps to get packaging that has a wide mouth when open, as this will make it easier (and quicker) to package food.

Check The Plastic Type

Even if the packaging says that it is dishwasher safe or microwave safe, it is better to make sure that it is BPA free. Hot food and heat can destabilise the plastic, releasing the BPA chemical into food. As it has been potentially linked to several diseases, including cancer and heart disease, as well as disrupting hormones in the body, it is better to steer clear entirely. Even if you do not serve food warm in the container, you don’t know whether your customers will use the packaging to have their food hot or cold later.

Choose To Be Eco Friendly

The food industry has come under a lot of fire recently as everyone becomes more aware of the need to make urgent changes to lifestyles and society to halt the damage being done to the planet.

You can do your part by looking hard at the type of packaging you use. High quality recyclable packaging will work for any kind of food or drink that you provide and will encourage customers to use your business over another that has not attempted to reduce the pollution footprint of their hot food containers.

You could also investigate long-term packaging. Customers may be willing to spend a bit more to gain something they can reuse and bring back to your business repeatedly. Many companies have opted to sell reusable water bottles, which are good for hot water for hours and cold if that is desired. If you want to carry a water bottle, try going upmarket and selling a hydro flask range to show the quality of your business.

However, you should look at offering a wider variety. A vacuum insulated food jar can keep food hot for a road trip, and you could provide a folding spoon with your food. A foldable spoon is easy to carry around in a bag and could be a quick impulse purchase for a customer.

All of these decisions are likely to be noted in customer reviews, which will encourage others to your business. So not only are you making sensible decisions for the planet, but you are helping your business too.