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Why is Food Packaging Important?

When creating a business in the food industry, the main focus is usually on the food and design of the business, either in terms of branding or premises such as a café or restaurant. Perhaps after that comes marketing – how to get the word out there about your new business. Finally, way down the list of priorities comes food packaging.

However, food packaging is important to your business in a number of ways and should be given more consideration when planning out your business and considering customer satisfaction or retention. 

Food Storage

The most important reason that packaging has a crucial role in the food industry is that it protects the product. You need to know that your product will last for as long as it needs to when moving from you to the customer or when coming to you from a supplier, and packaging can be used to extend the shelf life of food products. Preserving food quality should be a high priority for you, as this will keep the food safe to eat and lead to happier customers.

Comfort for Customers

You may want to supply your customers with hot or cold food in containers to take away from your business. By making sure that your packaging is high quality and protects food in an efficient way on the route it needs to travel, you are more likely to have customers return to use your service. You can investigate providing various options for customers too – for instance, providing a vacuum insulated food container to keep their food hot is likely to go down very well if they need the food to travel a long distance, but they may prefer a cheaper option if they are only going over the road.

Marketing and Branding

The packaging design for your food products should never be a second thought. It is something that your customers will automatically associate with your brand and could easily be how they spot you amid a large range of choices. If you provide containers for your customers to take food away from your business, then you are likely to simply offer plain containers due to the large number that you need. However, you should consider ways to put your brand onto this packaging so that it attracts the attention of potential customers elsewhere – having a stamp, sticker, or cardboard sash with your branding could achieve this.

Wastage in the Industry

The world has finally become more eco-conscious and aware of the amount of waste that is being produced. Customers are choosing businesses that are making an effort to change their waste levels, and this is particularly obvious in the food industry. Your packaging waste should be kept to a minimum, and you can achieve this by looking into recyclable options or asking customers to bring in their own containers. You should also make sure that hot and cold food containers that you use are made in a sustainable way. Businesses that pay attention to every stage of their product’s life and reduce waste in materials or energy will appeal to customers over a competitor that might not care.  

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food packaging great presentation
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