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In the past, businesses offering food to go meant a ton of plastic waste. Luckily, that no longer has to be the case. Food businesses that have greener motives now have the option of choosing more sustainable materials, such as the Vegware Soup Container Lid.

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If you have the Vegware Soup Containers, you’ll also need the high-quality Vegware Soup Container Lids we have here at Envior. This non-spillage lid is made from CPLA, a renewable material from plants, making it an eco-friendly option. Plus, it is compostable!

As well as being sustainable, these lids are extremely solid, ensuring that soups, stews, and other hot meals stay safely inside the container. In addition, the lid itself has no holes, so there is no chance of leaks. That is crucial when selling hot food, greasy items, or meals with sauces, as you don’t want your customer to spill their food before they’ve had the chance to get it home!

The Vegware Soup Container Lids also have a simple and smart design. The off-white colour is perfect for any business. Whether you sell authentic Japanese ramen or home-cooked-style soups, these lids work well and look the part for any food outlet selling all manners of cuisine.

Vegware is an award-winning brand, and it’s not difficult to see why when you look at the Vegware Soup Container lid. They are durable, solid, and made from plants – what more could you wish for from a soup container lid? If you plan on stocking up, remember that we offer free next-day delivery for all orders over £100. So the next time your customers order soup to go, you’ll have the perfect packaging to use.

This product:

  • White CPLA lid made from plants
  • Lid contains no holes so is perfect for soups, stews or and other foods if you are looking for no spillages.
  • Part of Vegware 115 series, therefore this lid is compatible with the 115 series containers.
  • Containers sold separately
  • 11.5cm
  • weight: 14.5g


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