Salad and Deli Containers

Envior offers a vast selection of high-quality disposable hot food packaging that is eco-friendly, including recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable options.

Our salad and deli containers are a perfect alternative to non-recyclable plastic and polystyrene that are harming the environment. Envior’s own brand containers are fully recyclable where accepted, providing you with a more sustainable option. Our salad boxes with a window are a customer favorite, with easy-to-close tabs, a chic kraft look, and a window perfect for displaying your takeout food. Whether it’s salads, fruits, desserts, or other dishes, our salad and deli containers are perfect for various types of food. Make sure to check them out when browsing our range. If you need help choosing the right product for your needs, our friendly team members are always ready to assist you.

Envior’s selection of salad and deli containers includes our own brand salad boxes and Vegware bagasse deli containers. We offer a range of takeaway food containers that are perfect for your needs.

Looking for custom-printed food containers? We’re here to help. Email us with your designs, logos, and ideas, and we’ll work with you to provide some mock-ups.