Soup Containers

We at Envior believe food should be contained in sustainable, leak-proof, high-quality packaging. That’s why we have created our range of soup containers and lids. Coming in sizes 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 1000ml, these soup containers and their matching lids are either fully-recyclable Kraft paper or compostable material made from plants.

Kraft paper is used for the 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz Kraft Deli containers and the Kraft Food Bowl. The material is solid and sustainable, with a kraft brown colour adding to the natural and green-focused promise. They can hold a range of foods, from soups to ice cream to stews, without any leaks. They are also microwavable safe, and fully recyclable. The 8oz Kraft Deli containers (our most popular containers) cost £29.99 per pack of 500.

The Vegware Soup Container holds 12oz. It’s a white, leak-proof tub perfect for both hot and cold food. Whereas the Kraft containers are recyclable, the Vegware Soup Container is fully compostable as it is made from plant-based PLA lining. The pure-white design with green writing that reads ‘Vegware’ makes it a sleek and professional container, perfect for any business. It costs £50.40 for a pack of 500.
Soup Containers of Various Sizes
As we have these soup containers and lids in various sizes, you can choose the size that most suits your food orders. While the name includes ‘soup’, you can use them for just about any type of food, whether hot or cold! For example, if you offer large portions of curry, the Kraft Food Bowl 1000ml might work perfectly for your business. Or, maybe you offer servings of ice cream for your customers to take away with them. In that case, buying a pack of 8oz soup containers and lids is the way to go.

What’s more, we offer next-day delivery for all our soup containers and lids, with free delivery for all orders over £100!